DRONExpert Netherlands

Thermal Solutions

DRONExpert Netherlands offers a range of thermal solutions. We offer a suitable solution for every application. Both "Ready to Fly" and "Do it Yourself" packages are available.

Below you’ll find some of our best-selling thermal drone systems. Are you searching for a complete system? We would be happy to talk with you personally to discuss your requirements and to determine which system is best for your application.

Mavic 2 Thermal Gimbal


The DRONExpert Mavic 2 Thermal Gimbal has been specially developed by DRONExpert Netherlands for the Mavic 2 with a FLIR Vue / TAU2 camera. Our knowledge, experience and innovation have resulted in a compact and multifunctional payload for the Mavic 2 with the longest flight time possible.


  • Suitable for all FLIR Vue and Tau2 models
  • DRONExpert (GPS) Automatic hotspot detection
  • Stabilized Thermal Camera
  • Digital Video Recorder
  • Remote Control unit
  • Adjustable Palettes
  • GPS mapping
  • Radiometric
  • Tilting
  • Digitale Zoom
  • Lightweight