The foundation of DRONExpert was already laid at the end of the 90s


In 2012 the team started to specialize in the development and innovation of drone "payloads" and ever since the company has taken an enormous flight.

DRONExpert has broad experience in industrial applications of drones and specializes in governments, defense and SMEs. DRONExpert delivers worldwide. Every day, the DRONExpert team works on the latest solutions in the field of thermal solutions and other payloads. It led, among other things, that in 2018 Rijkswaterstaat proclaimed DRONExpert as the "Best drone innovation company" and "Best technical future vision" of the Netherlands. There were more successes though. Under the heading News you will find some of the better ones.

Meet our drone team below.

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DRONExpert Netherlands

Rob Tiebie

+31 (0)630303015

Tycho vd Oosten

+31 (0)630303606

Roger Borre

chief engineer

Xander Borre

chief development

Wouter Borre

Media expert

Jordy Davina


Jochem de Graaf

Product specialist

Nick Weiden


Mathijs de Groot

Software specialist